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Earn Continuing Education Credit

Earn up to 22.75 credit hours for attending RISE23!

NADCP is a NAADAC-approved education provider (#78232). Continuing Legal Education (CLE), Continuing Judicial Education (CJE), and Continuing Education Units (CEUs, for substance use counselors and social workers only) will be preapproved from many states. Preapproval of hours will continue as in years past, and reports will be made to states requiring reports from the provider. All reports will be based on the evaluation that you complete.

To receive continuing education credits, each attendee must be registered with their own email address, and evaluations must be completed by Thursday, July 20, 2023 (Arkansas by Friday, July 10, 2023). If you have questions regarding state-specific requirements, please email the continuing education coordinator.

You must evaluate each session you attend and obtain your certificate online to receive credit.

Make sure to visit the continuing education desk during the conference to sign in as necessary, obtain state-required certificates, and ensure you fully understand what must be completed to receive credit.


Get Credit via the RISE Mobile App

Step 1: Evaluate all your sessions. The only way to get your hours tracked and earn credit is to evaluate each session you attend. To do this via the RISE app, from the main screen, click the Agenda tile, then select the session you attended. Click the Evaluation button in the top right corner. Pro tip: If you've been saving sessions to My Schedule in the app, you can simply click on your schedule to easily find your sessions to evaluate.


Click on the Evaluations button on the bottom right of the main screen of the app. A blue bar will appear across the top of the page. Click on Session Evaluation, and select your sessions to evaluate.

Step 2: Complete the post-conference survey. You must complete the post conference survey in order to get a copy of your certificate of attendance. On the app, click the Evaluations tile at the bottom of the main screen. The post-conference survey will appear for you to complete.

Step 3: Download your certificate (only after you complete step 2). From the main screen of the app, click on My Meeting. Then click on CE Credits at the bottom of the screen. All of the sessions you evaluated will be listed. In the top right corner, as long as you’ve completed step 2, you will see a button that says Certificate. Click that button to download your certificate of attendance. Select the type of continuing education credit you need (continuing education units [CEUs], continuing legal education [CLE], continuing judicial education [CJE], or certificate of attendance [COA]). Then type in your email address to send it to yourself.

Get Credit via the Website


Log in using the email you registered with for the conference (leave the password field blank).

Step 1: Complete session evaluations.

  • Click on the left column (it looks like a white kiosk) called Event Information
  • Click on the third icon on the left-hand side (looks like three lines) called Event
  • Click on Evaluations (the seventh tab)
  • Complete evaluations for ALL sessions you attended

Step 2: Complete the post-conference survey.

  • Click on the left column (it looks like a white kiosk) called Event Information
  • Click on the third icon on the left hand side (looks like three lines) called Event
  • Click on Evaluations (the seventh tab)
  • At the top of the page, click on General Evaluations
  • Complete the post-conference survey

Step 3: Download your certificate.

  • Click on the left column (it looks like a white kiosk) called Event Information
  • On the left menu bar, click on the icon that looks like a person called My Meeting (the fourth icon)
  • Click on Profile (if needed, this is where you can add your license number or any additional states you need a certificate for)
  • Click on the CE Credit button at the top right (this is where you will see evaluated sessions and hours earned)
  • Click the Certificate button at the top right
  • Use the drop-down menu at the top to select the type of certificate you need (CEUs, CLE, CJE, or COA)
  • Select if you want to print, email, or download the certificate

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