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Exhibiting at RISE20 Virtual

RISE20 Virtual will offer a dynamic virtual exhibit hall.  This virtual hall will invite attendees to visit your customized booth and allow you to add text, imagery, video and other content to highlight the information, services, or products that you offer.  You will benefit especially by interacting in real-time with attendees who visit your virtual booth via live chat and developing contacts of interested visitors for later follow-up. 

Questions about sponsorship or exhibiting can be directed to NADCP Director of Membership and Outreach Kristen Deutsch.You can also check out our FAQ's below.

Who is the Virtual Event Provider being used for RISE20 Virtual?

Streamlined Communications, a leading provider of unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is providing the virtual event platform for RISE20 Virtual.


Do we need to build new content to fit the expo hall or can we use our existing material?

For the most part you can use existing documents and material. There will be some sizing requirements (i.e. for your logo), which will be provided as soon as possible. You will be able to upload PDFs, include links, add video and other graphics.


Will we be on our own to design our booth?

You will have access to customize your booth (within the laid-out design), but if you need help with anything, Streamlined Communications is a hands-on company and available to assist in any way you need. They can provide a tutorial session and if you need help uploading content they can assist.


Can attendees download our materials?

Yes. Attendees can download anything you include in your booth and can add it to their personal “briefcase”.


Will our exhibit information be archived as well as the conference content?

Yes, all exhibitor information will be archived on the virtual event platform and will be available on-demand until January 31, 2021. People who were registered for the conference can access all content and material at any point during those 9 months. Those who did not register for the conference before it started can also register and access all content on-demand. Furthermore, if someone accesses your booth post-conference, you will be able to capture that information.


Can we do demos in our booth?

Yes. You can set up meetings or mini presentations within your booth to demonstrate or showcase your products and services, using a platform such as Zoom. You can advertise within your booth that you will be doing it at a set date/time and those who are interested can join at that time. There are many 15-minute breaks in between sessions so you could set it for one of those times. These will be archived and available on-demand after the conference.


How does the live chat feature work?

This is a feature that can be turned on and off at any time during the conference. It is one section of your booth and when you have it turned on, you should have someone available to answer questions from attendees. When it is turned off, attendees can leave a message for you to respond to at your convenience. Upon transition to the on-demand platform functionality of the live chat feature will be modified so attendees can contact you directly through email.


Will I have access to data about who visits my booth?

Yes. Data will be captured during the conference as well as post-conference when it is on-demand, and that information will be shared with you.


When is the Virtual Expo Hall open?

It will open an hour before the conference begins each morning (at 9 a.m. EST), remain open throughout each conference day and close 30 minutes after the conference ends each day (ending times vary). You are not required to be available at your booth at all times; you can turn your live chat feature off when someone is not ‘manning’ your booth. We would like to provide ample opportunity for attendees to engage with your booth while attending the conference. The conference agenda can be found here:


Are there any incentives for attendees to visit the virtual booths?

Expo Hall hours will be included in the agenda, broadcast announcements will be made during the conference, and various gamification options are being considered to encourage attendees to visit the expo hall. NADCP continues to explore ways to incentivize attendees to visit the virtual hall.


"What a wonderful organization to work with. They are always looking at new and unique ways to connect sponsors with their current audience. This past year, LifeSafer conducted a focus group that was immensely beneficial to spending quality time with our business partners to understand current needs and future opportunities. NADCP sets the standard for conferences and exhibitor sponsorship." - Pete Andrews, LifeSafer


“Averhealth was quite pleased with the overall logistics for the NADCP Expo Hall at RISE19; the lines of communication, opportunities and working with the staff made our conference a huge success!” - Jacquie Sheehey, Director of Marketing & Partner Relations, averhealth


“Great Conference! Getting set up as a vendor was very efficient – Very responsive to any questions or bumps along the road that we might have had. Thank you, too, for feeding the vendors! It was terrific to be fueled for the day without any hassle of getting our own food. Also, it was good to have a little bit down time between member groups to restock and to make contact with other exhibitors. Will definitely be attending this conference again. Thanks again!" – Nate Pointer, DTPM



“This conference is the highlight of our marketing opportunities. It is well organized and allows for plenty of time to connect with motivated attendees. Can't wait for next year!” – TRAC



"NADCP is a fantastic organization and RISE puts you in direct path of those who are mostly considering products and services for their courts. It truly is a wonderful marketing and networking opportunity!" -William Munford, TestDay


NADCP thanks our outstanding RISE20 sponsors:





NOTICE: It has come to our attention that companies are contacting NADCP conference exhibitors and attendees, claiming to offer our attendee list for sale. This is a common occurrence among large association conferences and trade shows in recent years. It is NADCP’s policy to never sell attendee lists to third parties. If you receive an email offering to sell you a list of NADCP conference attendees, do not respond to it. By responding, even with a request to unsubscribe, you confirm that your email address is valid, which may increase the likelihood that you will be contacted again.